Arctic BREEZE Truck AC™ 12V Battery-Powered Air Conditioning

Calculate Your Fuel Savings

Check out the convenient calculator on the Arctic BREEZE website to see how much you can save by shutting down your engine while you sleep and while you load.

Whether you’re running the engine to keep you cool while you wait to do a delivery, or you’re on a long haul and are trying to get some sleep, an Arctic BREEZE Truck AC system can save you money while it keeps you cool.

The Coolest New Idea In Saving On Diesel

Hammond’s 12V DC battery-powered systems set a new standard for hours of efficient cooling and reliable maintenance-free operation. Easy to install, simple to service, Arctic BREEZE systems recharge quickly on the road and then maintain comfortable temperatures in the cab even through the hottest days and nights.

The savings on fuel with an Arctic BREEZE system has the potential to pay for itself in the first 2 years, not to mention the savings on engine maintenance, they are quiet, light weight and emit zero emissions. No one will be knocking on your door asking you to turn off you APU..

Cool Truckers Don’t Idle!

“No idle” regulations are imposing strict penalties on truckers in a growing number of states and municipalities. Arctic BREEZE Truck AC lets you cool your cab without idling your engine and without running an APU.

Efficient AC for every truck

These systems draw 45 amps and provide 8000 BTU of cooling. Based on a duty cycle of 50-60%, standard units consume only 350 watt/hr on average. A choice of three basic models is available to fit to all leading truck makes and models for day-cab or sleeper cab cooling.

Click here for a spec sheet from our catalog.

Frame Rail Mounted – Compressor and Condenser are one assembly that mounts on the frame rail of the truck

  • HA-12VDC-SD – Single evaporator
  • HA-12VDC-SDDC – Daycab tower evaporator
  • HA-12VDC-DD – Dual Evaporator

Split Systems – Compressor and Condenser are separate units. Condenser mounts to rear of the truck and compressor mounts under the bunk, protected from the elements.

  • HA-12VDC-SPLIT – Horizontal compressor box, single evaporator
  • HA-12VDC-SPLIT-V – Vertical compressor box, single evaporator
  • HA-12VDC-SPLITDC – Horizontal compressor box, daycab tower evaporator

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